Dog-Proofing Your Home

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Dog-Proofing Your Home
If you are a first-time dog owner who's just bringing their puppy home - congratulations! We are buzzing you are finally a PAWrent!
One thing you will need to do as soon as possible though is create a dog-friendly home for your four-legged friend!
We here at Pawtion are back with another blog, all about ways you can dog-proof your house, to keep your puppy (and your belongings) safe!
Lock Away Chemicals
This may seem obvious, but you must make sure all your chemicals, such as cleaning fluids and bleach are kept well away from your dogs reach. Also be sure to keep antifreeze out of reach, as it contains ethylene glycol, which smells and tastes sweet so your dog will have no hesitation in drinking it, which unfortunately could be fatal.
As much as your dog will enjoy raking through the bins for a sweet treat, this can also be dangerous for them. You obviously don't know what they've eaten from the bins so make sure you either keep the bins out of reach, or buy a dog-proof bin.
All dogs, but especially puppies, love to chew. There are SO many things you'll want to keep away from your dog so they don't chewing through it. Be sure to keep electrical wires, socks, shoes, controllers and house plants our of your dogs way! One way to combat this could be to provide them with LOADS of chew toys to keep them busy!
A lot of dogs are way more clever than we give them credit for, so much so they are often able to sneak into our cupboards and nab whatever they can get! To avoid this, you might want to install child locks on the cupboards, or maybe move anything damaging to your pup out of the cupboards in their vicinity!
Washing Machines
You might find your new puppy sees the washing machine as a cosy place to take a nap. Make sure you only open the washing machine door when emptying or loading it! Also check that all the detergents and cleaners are kept well out your pups way too!
Your little pup will LOVE relaxing by the fire on a cold winters evening, but you don't want them becoming too much of a hot dog! If you have a fireplace you will definitely want to grab a fireplace screen or baby gate to block off access to the fire!
One thing you must do is keep chairs away from tables or counter tops when you're leaving your dog unsupervised. This can lead to your puppy performing his own parkour compilation - or BARKour if you will! Also if you want to avoid dog hair all over your sofas a blanket to cover it is a good solution!
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