Taking Care of your Dog While Working

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Taking Care of your Dog While Working
With the recent Government announcement, a lot of us are going to be going back to work in the office in the near future.
But what does this mean for our dogs? They will be so used to having people around all the time the shift may be a struggle to them.
We here at Pawtion are here to help, with a blog of some tips to take care of our furry friends as our lives go back to normal!
Take Your Dog to Work
In an ideal world, your employer will have no issues with you bringing your dog to work with you, especially if they're a puppy and you explain can't be left alone for prolonged periods of time yet. If you work in a family-friendly or outdoor environment you simply might be able to bring your dog with you!
Exercise Before Work
If you aren't lucky enough to be able to bring your dog to work, it's a great idea to get plenty of exercise in before you leave. This is so your four-legged friend can spend the majority of the day relaxing and sleeping while you work! Why not try waking up 30 minutes early to take them on an extra-long walk?
Commute Home at Lunch
Another way you can help care for your dog on your return to work is to commute home at lunch to check on them. You might not have long at home but even 10 minutes is enough to let them go to the loo, as well as filling up their food and water bowls.
Indoor Potty
While some dogs can hold their bladder for 8+ hours, this isn't always the case, especially in puppies still learning their way! An indoor potty can help avoid any unwanted accidents for when you get home from work!
Family Schedule
Why not try moving your work hours between your family so your furry friend isn't left home alone for a prolonged period of time? This will not only help your dog with their toilet and food needs, but also they'll be SO happy to see their humans so often!
Neigbour/Friend Check-In
If you'd rather your dog have some form of human interaction during the day, be sure to reach out to your friends or neighbours. It's likely some of them will be working from home permanently now, so they'll definitely be able to help. Also a lot of people are desperate for some doggo interaction, so they'll be happy to check in on your dog!
Hire a Dog Walker
If none of your neigbours or friends nearby are unable to check in, hiring a dog walker is a great idea! Your dog will be getting the necessary exercise they need, and they'll be so happy to see the same face over and over again! Your dog will also be able to burn off the energy they've brewed at home, and have time to relax before you get home from work!
Doggie Daycare
Finally, utilising a doggie daycare is another fab suggestion! Your dog will have the BEST time surrounded by all the other doggos, as well as being in the safe hands of dog experts! The people employed at these daycares are experts, so you can be safe in the knowledge your furry sidekick is in the hands of trained professionals!
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