Keeping Your Dog Safe in Winter

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Keeping Your Dog Safe in Winter
With the winter months coming soon, you may be wondering how to keep your dog safe as the cold comes in.
Well fear not, as we here at Pawtion are here to bring you a blog about the best ways to protect your pup against the harsh winter weather!

Keeping Your Dog Safe in Winter

Wrap Up!

We all know dogs have fur coats all year round, but in the winter if they grow it quickly, be sure to let it grow out a little longer than usual to keep them extra warm. If you have a short-furred breed, perhaps invest in a coat for cold walks. It will take your dog some getting used to but it'll definitely benefit them in the winter!


One very important thing to remember to do in the winter is to wipe your dogs paws after a walk! Grit from the roads can irritate their skin, as can the damp from rain or snow!

Avoid Antifreeze!

While antifreeze is ideal for our cars in the winter, it's very poisonous for dogs! Despite this they find it very tasty, so be sure to avoid using it if a dog is nearby! Also be sure to wipe up any spillages as quickly as possible!

In snow, keep the lead on!

Be sure to keep your dog on a lead if you're out for a walk in the snow! This is because no one knows what's underneath the surface. There may be a deep hole which isn't visible but could cause serious damage to your dog, so keep them close!

Don't leave dogs unattended in a car!

Just like how in the summer a car can get too hot for dogs, they can get way too cold for them in the summer! If you're going to leave your car unattended leave your dog at home! Or even better take them with you, everyone wins!


Make your dog visible!

When you're walking your dog in those brisk winter nights, be sure to get them something to make them visible to you and others. A great idea is to attach a small light to your pups collar so they can't go missing in the dark!

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