5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe During Fireworks

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5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe During Fireworks
Hello, and welcome back to the Pawtion blog! We're always happy to help our followers with any issues that may arise with owning a dog!
Today, we're here to bring you a blog on how to keep your dogs safe during fireworks!

As you will likely know, most dogs HATE fireworks, and with the festive period underway, they're likely to be some near you this Christmas.

5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe During Fireworks

1. Keep them Indoors and with Someone

One of the best ways to help dogs combat the various fireworks displays is to keep them indoors, as well as having someone stay home with them. If you aren't able to stay home, try to hire a dog sitter as your dog will feel much more comfortable surrounded by humans as the loud bangs go off.

2. Background noise

Another way to help comfort your dog during fireworks is to music or have the TV on in the background. Introducing these noises can help calm and distract your dog from the bangs going off around them. Be sure to keep the windows closed too, as our pups amazing sense of smell can detect sulfurous odour from the fireworks!

 3. Food

Like humans, dogs often lose their appetite when they're stressed out or anxious. Despite this, some dogs just can't resist the temptation of a treat. Try to give them a nice thick bone or a KONG with food in to keep them distracted. They may even come to see the fireworks in a positive light because of this, as they're being rewarded with treats while the bangs are going off.

4. Create a safe space to hide

As is their natural instinct, dogs will hide when they feel threatened. Create a space for your dog to hide in these situations, such as fireworks! One good way to create this space is to set up their crate with extra blankets and their favourite toys. Some also suggest putting a heavy blanket over the top of the crate to create an enclosed space.

5. Allow full access

Sometimes dogs become frantic when fireworks are going off, so be sure to allow them full access across your home. This helps as they may become stressed if they're confined to one room while the loud bangs are happening around them.
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