7 Fun and Impressive Tricks to Teach Your Dog

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Dog performing trick for young girl.

Teaching your dog new tricks is not only a great way to bond, but it also keeps their minds sharp and energy well-utilised. Plus, who doesn't love showing off a pup with impressive skills?

Pawtion are back with another blog, with seven tricks that will have your furry friend wagging their tail with pride!

What are some tricks to teach my dog?

Sit Pretty: Teach your dog to sit on their haunches, paws up. Hold a treat above their head, and as they reach up, say "sit pretty" and reward them. It's a charming trick that's sure to make everyone smile.

Pug sitting down on floor

High-Five: Extend your dog's paw and say "high-five." Reward them when they paw your hand. Once mastered, you'll have an adorable greeting that will impress guests.

Shiba Inu dog offering a paw to a woman

Spin Around: Entice your dog with a treat and guide them in a circle while saying "spin." Repeat until they twirl on command. It's a delightful trick that adds a touch of flair.

White dog walking on the pavement
Play Dead: Have your dog lie down, then gently roll them onto their side while saying "play dead." Reward them for staying still. It's a classic trick that's both cute and amusing.

Brown dog lying down on grass

Fetch a Specific Toy: Teach your dog to differentiate between their toys by name. Say the name of a toy as you present it, and reward them when they pick the correct one. Soon, they'll be your toy-retrieving assistant!

Border Collie dog playing with a toy

Crawl: With your dog in a "down" position, hold a treat near the ground and slowly move it forward, saying "crawl." Reward them for inching forward. It's an impressive trick that's fun to showcase.

German Shepherd dog lying on the ground

Bow: Entice your dog into a "play bow" (front legs down, rear end up) and say "bow." Reward them for holding the position. It's an elegant trick that's perfect for a graceful introduction.

    Remember, patience and positive reinforcement are key. Keep training sessions short, and always end on a positive note. With consistent practice, your furry companion will master these tricks and bring joy to everyone lucky enough to witness their newfound skills.

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