5 Games to play with your Dog this Summer

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Dog playing in the sun
With summer just around the corner, you might be wondering what you can do with your dog now the weather's about to get a bit nicer!
Well we here at Pawtion have you covered, as we're back with another blog all about different games your dog can enjoy during the summer months!

Games to play with your Dog this Summer

1. Water Games

If you've got a little paddling pool for the kids, be sure to get it out for your dog so they can cool down in the heat. Also, if you have a dog who loves water, try find a lake so you can go for a swim with them!
Dog in paddling pool

2. Red Light Green Light

As the nice weather comes in, this is the ideal time to try some obedience training with your dog in the garden. Red light green light is the perfect game to try! Get them to sit, then come to you with treats as their reward!
Dog in obedience training

3. Bubbles

If you can get ahold of some dog-friendly bubbles, they can be the PERFECT game to play with your dog this summer! Your pup will have hours of fun chasing bubbles around in the garden in the sun!
Dog playing with bubbles

4. Homemade Obstacle Course

If you think your dog could do with some agility training, or perhaps they just need to release some more energy, creating an obstacle course in the garden for your furry friend to complete is a great idea! Create some ramps and tunnels and they'll be at Crufts in no time!
2 dogs on an obstacle course

5. Treat Hunt

Much like an Easter Egg hunt, creating a treat hunt for your dog in the garden in the good weather is a great game! This not only stimulates their brain as they work out where to find the treats, they also get a delicious snack at the end!
Giving a dog a treat
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