Caring for a Dog in the City

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Caring for a Dog in the City
If you're a dog owner who has moved into the city, or are living in the city and have just acquired a dog, you may be wondering how and if they're suitable for city life. The short answer is yes, dogs are great in all vicinities, but there are some things to consider when it comes to caring for a city dog.
We here at Pawtion have put together a guide on how best to look after your pup in the city!

Caring for a Dog in the City

Find the nearest Park

One great way to get your dog used to living in the city is to find the nearest dog park. They will become much more used to their surroundings, as well as getting to know other local dogs. This is also a great way for you to meet dog owners who can advise on the city and the surrounding areas!

Dog in the park

 Find a Doggy Day Care

If you're living in the city, it's likely that you'll be out of the house for large parts of the day. One way to combat your dog getting lonely is to enroll them in a doggy day care! Your pup will have all the fun in the world with their friends and won't be needing as much exercise once you're home from work! Reach out on social media to find good care facilities near you!

Dog day care

Keep your dog Leashed

While you may be comfortable with walking your dog off a leash in the suburbs, in a city that's a no-no! You and your dog will face numerous hazards such as cars and pedestrians, and remember that not everyone loves dogs as much as we do!

 Dogs walking on a leash

Crate Train

One essential thing to do when you have a puppy in the city is crate train them. If you're living in an apartment and will be out of the house often, making sure your dog is comfortable in their crate is vital. Your dog needs to see the crate as a safe, cosy spot rather than an area they go when punished. You can aid this by giving treats when they go to the crate, rather than making them sit in there when they've been naughty!

Dog in crate

Stop the Barks!

In an apartment block, flats are often separated by just a drywall, and if your dog is barking a lot it's likely most people can hear it! So that your neighbours don't get too annoyed be sure to attempt to stop your pup barking a lot! They often bark as they're bored, so try to mentally stimulate them with a game or one of our fantastic Crufts toys which you can find here!

Dog barking

Pay attention to the Weather

While you may have had the luxury of grassy fields before moving to the city, in urban areas pavement dominates. In the summer months the pavement can be too hot for our dogs' paws, so be careful when you walk them. If it's too warm you could walk them early in the morning or late at night to alleviate this issue!

Dog in the city

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