Life Lessons we can Learn from Dogs

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Life Lessons we can Learn from Dogs
While we often spend our time teaching our dogs lessons and tricks, have you ever thought about what they can teach us?
We here at Pawtion have, which is why we're back with another blog all about what life lessons our four-legged friends can teach us!


No one is more loyal than a dog, obviously! In the eyes of your dog, their world starts and ends with you! They're always by your side, and always at hand when you need some affection! We should all aim to do the same, by spending as much time as possible with our loved ones, and be there when they need us most.
Enjoy the Simple Things
Have you ever thought to yourself, 'I wish I was as happy as my dog'? We're sure you have, and an important life lesson we can learn from our pups is to find enjoyment in life's simple pleasures. Dogs don't need a lot to be happy, a simple toy or treat normally does the trick! We can take a leaf out of their book, by going for a walk and enjoying the outdoors, or simply spending time with friends!
'He protec, he attac...' But seriously, our furry friends are fantastic at guarding and protecting us! A lot of breeds are born with a natural instinct to protect their territory. Their heightened senses certainly help this, as they have much better hearing than us, and might hear an intruder that we can't, for example. We should follow in their paw steps by doing everything we can to protect the ones we love!
A day doesn't go by where your dog doesn't get a case of the 'Zoomies', where you'll find them sprinting round the garden in circles to no end. Often we find ourselves lazing about and storing energy, which can sometimes lead to anxiety if we don't release our endorphins. Whereas our pups NEVER stop running, no matter how tired they may be! Get yourself out for a walk when you can, as they always help clear your mind!
Have you ever accidently stepped on your dog's tail? Well the chances are you have, and the chances are they were back to playing with you straight away! This instant forgiveness can teach us the lesson to not hold grudges, just like our furry friends!
Be Adventurous
As humans, we often find ourselves being overly cautious, but dogs? Forget about it! As soon as the car door opens, your pup will be bolting into it, no matter the destination! The next time you're feeling nervous about going somewhere, or doing something, just look to your furry-friend for some inspiration!
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