Fluff Trough[|Door dierenarts goedgekeurd|Bekroond ontwerp|Meer dan gewone kommen|Comfortabel voeren|Vertrouwd door duizenden mensen]

Official UK Fluff Trough Stockist

Vet Recommended

Beneficial for brachycephalic (flat-faced) breeds & various medical conditions.

Ergonomic Design

Patented ergonomic design to promote better digestion for your furry friend.

BPA Free

BPA Free, Non-Toxic, Food & Dishwasher Safe. Perfect for everyday use and easy cleaning.

Mix & Match Inserts

Standard, slow feeder silicone inserts & stainless steel insets available.
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Our biggest fans

The Fluff Trough

De Fluff Trough is de perfecte verhoogde voerbak voor kortschedelige hondenrassen! Het is een door dierenartsen aanbevolen, verhoogde voerbak voor huisdieren, ontworpen om een ​​betere houding, gezondheid en spijsvertering te bewerkstelligen en tegelijkertijd nek- en rugbelasting te minimaliseren.
Beschikt over een gepatenteerd ergonomisch ontwerp met open voorkant in 'Trough'-stijl, waardoor dit absoluut de beste voerbak is voor huisdieren met een plat gezicht, dieren met een handicap en bijna elk vierpotig beestje in uw huis.
Fluff Trough Collection

Perfect Feeding Solutions for Every Pet

Whether you're looking for the classic comfort of the original Fluff Trough, the slow feeding experience of the Binge Blocker, the sleek durability of the Stainless Steel option, or the generous capacity of the XL version, we have the perfect feeding solution for every pet.

Fluff Trough

The open-front 'trough' design makes this the most ergonomic way your pooch can enjoy dinner time.
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Binge Blocker

Slow Feeder silicone inserts make this the perfect bowl for fast-eaters.
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Fluff Trough XL

The absolute best feeder for larger breeds including English Bulldogs, Shar Peis, Boxers & more.
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Health Conditions

The perfect feeder to help manage IVDD, Myelopathy, GERD, Reflux and more.
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Stainless Steel Sets

Complete your feeding station with the Stainless Steel Water Hole Inserts.
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Customise your Fluff Trough with Licky Mats, Stackable Lifts & more to make this the best feeding station for your pooch.
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Clean up is easy.

Each Fluff Trough includes a dishwasher safe FDA silicone insert. The production is managed by The Pugly Company's manufacturing team to ensure a high-quality & safe product. Once your Dog has finished their meal in their awesome raised dog bowl, simply remove the silicone insert and pop it in the dishwasher, ready to be used again.

Safe for pets.

De eerste hondenvoerbak in zijn soort en speciaal ontworpen om veelvoorkomende voedingsproblemen bij andere voerbakken op te lossen. Het wordt aanbevolen door dierenartsen en heeft een gepatenteerd ergonomisch ontwerp om een ​​betere spijsvertering te bewerkstelligen. Er zijn ook Slow Feeder voerbakinzetstukken verkrijgbaar als uw hond met een plat gezicht zoveel van zijn eten houdt, zodat hij of zij de tijd heeft om zijn voedsel goed en veilig te verteren.
fluff trough non slip dog bowl safe for pets

The best feeder for flat-faced dogs.

The first dog bowl of its kind & specifically designed to solve common feeding problems encountered with other pet bowls. It's Vet-Recommended and has a patented ergonomic design to promote better digestion. Slow feeder dog bowl inserts are also available if your flat faced dog loves their food so much, making sure that they have time to properly digest their food safely.
fluff trough slow feeder dog bowls for flat face dogs

Who are Fluff Trough?

The Pugly Company based in Denver, Colorado was founded by Debra Ann & her Pug, Pork Chop, who struggles to eat from traditional dog bowls because of his adorable flat face, they did some research and discovered that a raised dog bowl could be the answer.

After searching far & wide for that perfect dog bowl to no avail, Debra designed one herself and after years of designing & testing, their very own raised dog bowl creation, the Fluff Trough, was born.

Debra Ann made it her mission to create innovative dog bowls and feeders for pets that struggle to eat from traditional feeders & now they have thousands of happy customers from all around the world whose pets are benefiting from the Fluff Trough.

We're pleased & honoured to announce that Pawtion are an Official UK Stockist for such a wonderful company, with a clear vision & a fantastic life-changing pet bowl.