5 Reasons to Adopt a Dog

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Golden retriever dog looking into the distance
If you're reading this, you LOVE dogs as much as we do! We here at Pawtion are always thinking about our furry friends, which why we're back with another blog!
Today we're bringing you a blog on some reasons why you should adopt a dog if that's something you'd be interested in! We'd love to hear about YOUR adopted dogs, so be sure to tell us all about them in the comments below!

5 Reasons to Adopt a Dog

1. You're saving money

Of course not the most important reason, but the fact you'll save yourself some money is one reason you should adopt a dog. Many shelters microchip and vaccinate the animals in their care so you don't have to. Also breeders often charge a lot more to adopt a dog than a shelter does!

Corgi dog by the pool

2. Saving a life

Often when you adopt a dog from a shelter, they've been rescued from a life of cruelty and neglect. When you adopt a dog you're giving them the second chance they more than deserve. Also shelters are often overrun with dogs, so if you're able to adopt one you're helping the shelter avoid overpopulation!

Golden retriever dog smiling

3. Housetrained

If you're adopting a dog rather than buying a puppy, it's possible that the dog has already been housetrained which will save you a lot of time! You can concentrate on loving them rather than having to focus on the training aspect of owning a dog!

Dog having a pee in the grass

4. Rewarding

Adopting a dog is SUCH a rewarding experience! Rehoming a dog who needs a second chance is arguably the most fulfilling thing you can do, especially if you love dogs as much as we do! The money you pay to the shelter often goes to charity too. You're also fighting the fight against 'backstreet breeding' where breeders force female dogs to become mothers multiple times for their own financial gain.

Border collie dog smiling at camera

 5. There are too many unwanted dogs

According to goodhousekeeping.com, there are over 600 million stray dogs across the world, so if you're able to adopt one you're doing your bit to keep the number down! Dog's Trust rehomes over 17,000 dogs a year and their important work will continue, hopefully with your help!

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