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Colour: Black

The one for big dogs! The perfect bowl for brachycephalic (flat-faced) dog breeds! The Fluff Trough XL is the larger version of the beloved Fluff Trough & is a vet-recommended, elevated pet feeding bowl designed to promote better posture, health & digestion whilst minimising neck & back strain. It has a patented ergonomic design with an open front perfect for flat-faced breeds, animals with disabilities & almost any four-legged critter in your house.

The Fluff Trough XL is heavier & sturdier than traditional dog feeders & works for a wide range of dog breeds. It’s available in 2 colours: Black & Grey.

The classic design looks great in any kitchen or dining room and can even be used on the go! Each Fluff XL includes one matching dishwasher-safe XL silicone insert & a set of removable silicone feet to help prevent the bowl sliding around on the floor.

  • Non-toxic, vet approved, food safe, dishwasher safe & BPA free. 
  • Holds dry, wet and raw food.
  • The base is made from food-safe plastic and comes with FDA approved black silicone feet.
  • The silicone insert is made from FDA approved food-safe silicone.
  • Both pieces are dishwasher safe and made in China. The production is managed by the Pugly Company’s manufacturing team to ensure a high-quality and safe product. 
  • The base of the bowl (where the food is placed) is 7 inches from the ground. 
  • Dimensions:  13” x 9” x  9” 
  • Capacity: 4-5 cups

  • Raised feeder promotes better digestion.
  • Patented open-front 'trough' design improves posture.
  • Non-slip base ensures stable & stress-free feeding, reducing anxiety during meal times.
  • Easy to clean materials.
  • Less gas & less mess.
  • Vet recommended & award winning design.
  • The absolute best pet feeder for all brachycephalic dogs including French Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston Terriers & more.
  • Helps to manage health conditions including IVDD, BOAS, Myelopathy, Neurological Issues, Esophagus Issues, Regurgitation, Vestibular Disease & more.
Vet Recommended
Ergonomic Design
BPA Free
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