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Tracked UK Delivery only £2.99
Tracked UK Delivery only £2.99

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Vet Recommended

Beneficial for brachycephalic (flat-faced) breeds & some medical conditions.

Ergonomic Design

Patented ergonomic design to promote better digestion for your furry friend.

BPA Free

BPA Free, Non-Toxic, Food & Dishwasher Safe.

Mix & Match

Standard & slow feeder silicone inserts available.

Who are Fluff Trough?

Who are Fluff Trough?

The Pugly Company based in Denver, Colorado was founded by Debra Ann & her Pug, Pork Chop, who struggles to eat from traditional dog bowls because of his adorable flat face, they did some research and discovered that a raised dog bowl could be the answer.

After searching far & wide for that perfect dog bowl to no avail, Debra designed one herself and after years of designing & testing, their very own raised dog bowl creation, the Fluff Trough, was born.

Debra Ann made it her mission to create innovative dog bowls and feeders for pets that struggle to eat from traditional feeders & now they have thousands of happy customers from all around the world whose pets are benefiting from the Fluff Trough.

We're pleased & honoured to announce that Pawtion are an Official UK Stockist for such a wonderful company, with a clear vision & a fantastic life-changing pet bowl.

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fluff trough raised dog bowl better posture
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fluff trough raised dog bowl inserts dishwasher safe

Clean Up Is Easy

Each Fluff Trough includes a dishwasher safe FDA silicone insert. The production is managed by The Pugly Company's manufacturing team to ensure a high-quality & safe product.

Once your Dog has finished their meal in their awesome raised dog bowl, simply remove the silicone insert and pop it in the dishwasher, ready to be used again.

fluff trough non slip dog bowl safe for pets

Safe For Pets

The Fluff Trough is BPA free & made with high-quality, food-safe materials. It works great with wet, dry or raw foods! Its modern design looks great in any home, and is available in multiple colours.

On top of this, the revolutionary Fluff Trough also comes with non slip feet accessories, making it not only the perfect raised dog bowl, but also a non slip dog bowl.

fluff trough slow feeder dog bowls for flat face dogs

The Best Feeder for Flat-Faced Dogs

The first dog bowl of its kind & specifically designed to solve common feeding problems encountered with other pet bowls. It's Vet-Recommended and has a patented ergonomic design to promote better digestion.

Slow feeder dog bowl inserts are also available if your flat faced dog loves their food so much, making sure that they have time to properly digest their food safely.


We have been waiting a few years for these to hit the UK. Changed our Pugs lives forever. Total game changer for them when it comes to eating better & slower.

Kate EA.

100% happy with Pawtion. The Fluff Trough arrived & it's better than I expected. Would give this more stars if I could & would definitely recommend for the flat-nosed breed of dog.

Sarah W.

Amazing product and service. This product is amazing. Perfect for any dog really, but especially good for my Frenchie!

Lucy B.

Amazing! Made such a difference to my Pug who really struggled with traditional dog bowls. Now he's eating so much better & hasn't choked at all since using this bowl (touch wood!)


We have been very pleased with the Fluff Trough and it really has helped Molly eat her dinner without getting wing. It. has stopped her being sick which is great. Would definitely recommend it.

Gill H.

The best thing I ever bought for my dogs! Highly recommended! Great, quality product. Fast delivery.

Vicky B.

Would highly recommend these bowls especially if you have a French Bulldog. Positioned perfectly & have hugely helped with digestion for my fur-baby.

Lisa R.